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Public Talks on Key Health Issues Taking Place in Cork, Kerry, Kilkenny and Galway, Ireland in March-April 2010!


Come to hear about the most important health topics of our time.

Some of these talks are hosted by the INA (Irish Naturopaths Association), and others are organised independently.

Key speakers are FCT practitioners Simon Rees, Joe Fox and Clover Kreger.

Key topics covered will include FCT, mercury toxicity, vaccinations, EMFs and chemical toxicity.

See below for the schedule of events.


Three Talks in County Cork and County Kerry with Simon Rees, 2-4 March 2010 - Download information here.

One Talk in County Kilkenny with Joe Fox, March 2010 - Information forthcoming.

Four Talks in Galway with Clover Kreger and Joe Fox, April 2010 - Download information here. Download press release here.




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