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Dr Yurkovsky's Letter to Students About the FCT® Graduate Programme


27th September 2007

Dear Colleagues,

            Since our initial introduction of the FCT® system in 1999, the experience of numerous health practitioners has confirmed that FCT® has, indeed, established itself as the most powerful medical system in the world today.  That is why it has become the last and only resort for the sickest patients from all four continents and that is why referrals to FCT® practitioners are eagerly sought by countless patients from all over the world.

            Not surprisingly, it has grown tremendously in Europe where practitioners are more savvy in alternative medicine than anywhere else.  Their enthusiasm has resulted in organizing systematic study/training groups on their own accord which have been supervised by our FCT European chief officer and senior naturopathic student, Simon Rees, Dip.FCT, Dip.Hom, Dip.TCM (www.fctworld.com).  We are attaching herein his proposal and very effective success-proven training program as to how you can renew or evolve your FCT® skills to a higher level.

            Please read his message carefully and remember that, at the end, you are not doing it for us but first of all for yourselves, your patients, your families and humanity on the whole.

                                                                                                With best wishes,

                                                                                                Savely Yurkovsky, MD

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