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Graduate Program 2008 – International Track

Module One: “Laying the Foundation” (Attendance: optional)                                Theory: Approx. 50% / Practical: Approx. 50%
  Dates: 7th – 9th Dec (To be videoed) Venue: Dublin, Ireland.                       Tutors: Simon Rees & Kevin Eakins

  1. Algorithm I – Step 1 (Initial Test Sequence)
  2. Muscle-testing I – Fundamental Moves
  3. Initial Consultation – Anamnesis; Patient Questionnaire; Case Analysis; Sarcode Identification
  4. Tool Kit: New Test Filters & Platform Layout I – Overview
  5. Meaning and Mental Software
  6. Patient Safety Guidelines I – Overview
  7. Self-Testing
  8. Live Case Observations: Initial Consultations in Practice

Practical Intensive One: “Laying the Foundation” (Attendance: required)            Practical: 100%
  Dates: 19th – 20th Jan                                          Venue: Atlanta, Georgia, USA           Tutor: Dr Dave Ou

Module Two: “Practical Mastery” (Attendance: required)                                        Theory: Approx. 25% / Practical: Approx. 75%
  Dates: 28th  – 30th Mar                                        Venue: Atlant, Georgia, USA             Tutors: Simon Rees, Kevin Eakins & Dr Dave Ou
  (N.B. This module will be offered in Dublin, Ireland, on 14th  – 16th Mar, then specially repeated in Atlanta for N American students).

  1. Principal Focus on Hands-On Work
  2. Muscle-testing II – Flow
  3. Algorithm II – Steps 2 - 8
  4. Paperwork and Note-taking: Clinic Results Sheet
  5. Tool Kit: New Test Filters & Platform Layout II
  6. Mental Software & Sarcode Identification II
  7. Patient Safety Guidelines II
  8. Live Case Observations: Full Test Sequence in Practice

Module Three: “Chronic Case Management” (Attendance: required)    Theory: Approx. 75% / Practical: Approx. 25%
  Dates: 9th – 11th May                                          Venue: London, England                    Tutors: Simon Rees & Kevin Eakins

  1. Chronic Case Management – Factors Involved; Candida; Obstacles; Dental Phase
  2. The Follow-up Consultation and Plan of Treatment
  3. The Protocol Sheet and Patient Instructions
  4. Dental Topics – Dental Testing; Amalgam Removal; Dental Protection Protocol*
  5. Dental Toxicity: Effects of Metal Poisoning & Overview of Existing Detoxification Approaches*
  6. Remedy-making Procedure
  7. E-letter Topics I
  8. Live Case Observations: Follow-ups                                (*29th Mar will also be opened up to outside dentists/specialists)

Module Four: “Refinement of Advanced Skills” (Attendance: optional)   Theory: Approx. 75% / Practical: Approx. 25%
  Dates: 4th – 6th Jul (To be videoed)                   Venue: Dublin, Ireland                        Tutors: Simon Rees & Kevin Eakins

  1. Classical Homeopathy
  2. Energy Medicine, The Field and Intention
  3. Remote Testing
  4. Self-Development
  5. Algorithm III – Advanced Algorithm Review
  6. Acute Case Management, Parasitosis & Infectious Isodes
  7. Repertory & Materia Medica
  8. E-letter Topics II
  9. Exam Preparation – Full Mock Assessments
  10. Detailed Overview of All Aspects of a First Consultation
  11. Live Case Observations: Follow-ups

Practical Intensive Two: “Advanced Practical Mastery” (Attendance: required)   Practical: 100%
  Dates: 12th – 13th Jul                                           Venue: Atlanta, Georgia, USA           Tutor: Dr Dave Ou

Module Five: “Final Assessments” (Attendance: required)                                      Theory: Approx. 50% / Practical: Approx. 50%
  Dates: 18th – 19th Oct                                          Venue: Atlanta, Georgia, USA           Tutor: Dr Dave Ou

  1. Final Theory Assessment – Written Paper
  2. Final Practice Assessment – Written Paper
  3. Final Practice Assessment – Practical Evaluations
  4. Preparation for Case Observations and Write-ups

Course Completion: Individual Practical Assessments & Outstanding Seminars

  • Completion of Any Outstanding Seminars/DVD Courses with Dr Yurkovsky (Basic, Advanced and Adv Clinical Practice)
  • Case Observation (or Video) of a New Client (to be organized separately in smaller sub-group meetings)
  • Case Write-ups

To register for the Graduate Program please download the registration form for International Track students here.

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