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Invitation to Join the FCT® Graduate Programme 2007-8

20th September 2007

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new FCT® Graduate Programme! Join us in order to develop, deepen and perfect your FCT® skills – and put FCT® fully into practice. Via an international co-ordinated effort, this Graduate Programme is now also being offered on both sides of the Atlantic! For venues, we use lovely locations that are close to all amenities and easily reached from international airports.

The FCT® Graduate Programme provides everything you need to apply Dr Yurkovsky’s inspired system of medicine in your own practice. This is at last a comprehensive A-Z of FCT® clinical practice. To make this possible, a wide range of activities are employed on the syllabus, including major new topic presentations, supervised testing, group discussions, team games, quizzes, case observations, and so on. Please find the following information appended:

  • Personal feedback from students who completed the last Graduate Programme
  • Synopsis of the syllabus and dates, followed by Qs & As
  • Registration form

Make what could be one of the most important decisions of your lifetime: Join this pioneering medical movement. We are standing at the exciting frontier of an enlightened new era of medicine, led forward by Dr Yurkovsky’s ingenious FCT® curriculum. Help us expand the network of proficient FCT® practitioners, for the betterment of society, humanity and medical science – and for the transformation of your own practice. You will also enjoy and benefit immensely from your contact with a group of like-minded people.

            We look forward to hearing from you soon! Yours in dedication for the future of medicine,

                        FCT® World, comprising the following principal FCT® tutors:

ASimon Rees

BKevin Eakins

CDr Yurkovsky

[A.] Simon Rees, Dip.FCT, Dip.Hom, Dip.TCM

[B.] Kevin Eakins, Dip.FCT, ND, Dip.Hom

[C.] Savely Yurkovsky, MD (as programme adviser)

Q: I Have Studied Dr Yurkovsky’s Seminar(s). Should I Join The Graduate Programme?

A: Yes: if you want to practise FCT®, it is in our view absolutely indispensable.

All active FCT® practitioners who are up to date and practising FCT® at an advanced, skilled and competent level, on a par with Dr Yurkovsky’s example, have followed the Graduate Programme. In our experience and observation it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to do so without it, even though until recently it was not available – this was, indeed, why we devoted years of our lives to creating and implementing it, in response to popular demand.

Every practitioner from the last programme informed us that without it they would not be practising FCT® now, or else would be practising a partial imitation of it not executed properly, effectively or safely. The 24 students in the programme last year were a diverse and talented group of practitioners, with extensive knowledge and experience in fields related to FCT® such as Applied Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Bio-Resonance Testing, Naturopathic Medicine, Mercury-Free Dentistry, Conventional Medicine, Acupuncture and others. However, despite the enormous range of experience and talent, every one has with great enthusiasm expressed the view that without this programme their current flourishing FCT® practices simply would not have been possible.

No matter what your previous experience, FCT® is a serious new discipline in its own right. This is why the FCT® World team of tutors has created the extended Graduate Programme syllabus. The contents of this programme have been new for every student who has participated, regardless of their level of experience either with FCT® or any other healthcare discipline. Dr Yurkovsky’s seminars provide a fantastic beginning (introduction) and continuation (perfection and refinement) to the whole training, whereas the Graduate Programme takes up where Dr Yurkovsky leaves off and provides an extensive hands-on complementary curriculum which would otherwise be missing: We have systematized FCT® for beginners in ways that make it accessible, easily learned and comprehensively studied and put into practice. Even in terms of teaching modules alone, there is now so much completely new material in the Graduate Programme unavailable elsewhere that we need at least 3 ring-binders to hold all of it!

Q: Is FCT® achievable for me?

A: If in doubt, please contact us to explain why. However, over the past few years we have observed how many different FCT® students, from diverse backgrounds, and with varying learning styles and needs, have all found FCT® thoroughly achievable on our Graduate Programme – without exception so far. This is partly a reflection of both their and our mutual dedication to ensuring this would be the case: every student has experienced different obstacles, but we have dealt with all of them successfully as they came up, and in the process have worked overtime for the first generation of students in order to map it all out for you, the next generation!

Q: Who are the FCT® World team of tutors?

A: FCT® World comprises FCT® tutors around the world working together to teach FCT®. At present, the principal tutors are: Savely Yurkovsky, MD (FCT® seminar presenter); Simon Rees, Dip.FCT, Dip.Hom, Dip.TCM and Kevin Eakins, Dip.FCT, ND, Dip.Hom (FCT® graduate tutors); Clover Kreger, Dip.FCT and Dave Ou, MD, Dip.FCT (FCT® practice tutors). Simon Rees and Kevin Eakins undertook regular extensive in-clinic study with Dr Yurkovsky in order to create the Graduate Programme syllabus in co-ordination with Dr Yurkovsky’s input and guidance over several years. They offered it to students for the first time in Dublin, Ireland, in 2005-6.

All of the FCT® World tutors share a common passion: a profound enthusiasm and dedication to FCT® as the spearhead of a new paradigm of medicine which holds the potential to transform society and humanity. We have therefore joined forces to turn FCT® from the unique therapy that it was in Dr Yurkovsky’s hands into an easily reproducible medical science, and our dedication is to expand the network of practitioners offering this amazing modality to the public and ensure that every student receives the highest standard of training and assistance possible.

As one student put it last year, “No effort is spared” in our determination to bring each of you to the point of realizing the highest aspirations of medicine and healing through this programme!

Q: I Have Not Studied FCT® Before. Can I Start Directly With the FCT® Graduate Programme?

A: Yes. However, you will also need to obtain, and study prior or in parallel, the DVD home study course of Dr Yurkovsky’s three-day Basic Level Seminar, as this provides a thorough introduction to FCT® which is not repeated on the Graduate Programme.

Q: I Have Studied Dr Yurkovsky’s American Seminars/DVDs, not the new “Basic Level Seminar”. Is this OK?

A: Yes, if you have studied Dr Yurkovsky’s previous Levels I –V, which together comprise a solid introduction to FCT®. Otherwise the new Basic Level Seminar provides a more condensed but also more up-to-date introduction. If you have studied neither, Dr Yurkovsky now recommends starting with the new Basic Level Seminar, rather than the previous Levels I-V. In addition, some students have greatly enjoyed studying both. However, so long as you have studied one or the other, or plan to do so in parallel, this will be sufficient.

Q: Outside the Graduate Programme, What Other Study is Necessary For Me To Complete the Training?

A: First of all, an industry-standard level of Anatomy and Physiology is necessary, up to at least ITEC or similar standard, as normally incorporated into other healthcare trainings such as medical, homeopathic or naturopathic courses. This is not provided on the Graduate Programme, but assumed. Most students will already have this from another primary healthcare discipline. In case you don’t, you will need to undertake this as a separate course of study.

Then, in order to complete the Graduate Programme and be certified as an FCT® practitioner, it is also necessary to study at some stage (either prior or in parallel) three seminars with Dr Yurkovsky, as follows: (1) The Basic Level Seminar (or, alternatively, Levels I-V if you have already studied these); (2) The Advanced Level Seminar; & (3) The Advanced Clinical Practice Seminar (forthcoming this October, and later to be made available via DVD). All three of these three-day seminars are offered by Dr Yurkovsky periodically or are otherwise available at any time via DVD, either in NTSC format from Dr Yurkovsky’s office in NY or in PAL format from Simon Rees in Ireland.

The modules of the Graduate Programme cover separate topics and activities which do not overlap with or repeat any of Dr Yurkovsky’s seminars, but assume these are being attended separately in addition. Dr Yurkovsky provides, in the course of these three seminars, a thorough introduction to FCT® as a system of medicine and, equally importantly, extensive live patient observations, covering a broad range of conditions and topics, which forms an essential component of the overall programme as this is the primary clinical exposure you will have during  the training. The Graduate Programme has therefore been carefully constructed to complement these three seminars.

Q: I Am Interested in the Programme, But Have Problems With Some of the Dates. What Should I Do?

A: In this case, please contact us to let us know which dates/events would be problematic for you. For exceptional reasons there may be alternative solutions for certain events, but this would need to be discussed on a case by case basis.

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