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Programme of Forthcoming & Ongoing FCT Courses and Events



2012-2013: FCT Foundation Course and Graduate Programme with the FCT World team of FCT tutors. A new programme has been launched for a fourth generation of undergraduates. This new programme is being made available to three groups of students:

  1. European track - with meetings scheduled in Ireland/Britain
  2. North American track - with meetings scheduled in the USA
  3. International track - with meetings to be attended in either Ireland or the USA but a lesser number of them than in the past, alongside a greatly expanded distance learning course. The FCT Graduate Programme is thus open to international students in any continent via a new "Distance Track" option including greatly optimized home learning tools: the DVD and home study portion of course have been expanded to make the programme accessible to students anywhere in such a way that the number of attendance-meetings can then be minimized (but some will certainly remain necessary both for practical work and the final assessments). Teaching and hands-on events scheduled in Europe and the USA will then need to be attended too, but not all of them.

DVD Home Study Courses


1. Basic Level Seminar (Dr Yurkovsky 2004)

2. Advanced Level Seminar (Dr Yurkovsky 2005)

3. Advanced Clinical Intensive Seminar (Dr Yurkovsky 2007)

4. Advanced Clinical Seminar in Patient Management (Dr Yurkovsky 2009)

5. Autism, ADHD & Lyme Disease are Curable! (Dr Yurkovsky 2011)


Previous Events


March-April 2010: Public talks on "The Key Health Issues of Our Time" and "It's Not Your Cholesterol, It's Not Just Stress - The Real Causes of Chronic Diseases" taking place in Counties Cork, Kerry, Kilkenny and Galway, Ireland, with FCT practitioners Simon Rees, Clover Kreger and Joe Fox. Events hosted and introduced by the Irish Naturopaths Association (INA). Topics include FCT, mercury toxicity, vaccinations, EMFs and chemical toxicity. Click here for more details.

October 17-18 2009: FCT Advanced Intensive Post-Graduate Course in Patient Management with Dr Yurkovsky, NY, USA. New seminar centred around live patient cases, now available also on DVD. Not to be missed, by anyone who practises FCT and cares about staying up to date, as Dr Yurkovsky has continued to evolve FCT at a rapid pace and will be sharing a lot of important new insights. Registration form here.

December 2007 - March 2009: FCT Graduate Programme with the FCT World team of FCT tutors including Simon Rees, Kevin Eakins, Dr Dave Ou and Clover Kreger. This programme took place in parallel in Dublin, Ireland, for European students (the second generation of undergraduates), and in the USA, for North American students (the third generation of undergraduates).

September 27-28, 2008: FCT Basic Level Seminar in Athens, Greece with Dr Yurkovsky.

September 19-21, 2008: FCT Presentation at the Conference of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, Belgium with Dr Yurkovsky.

October 12-15 2007: FCT Advanced Clinical Intensive Seminar took place with Dr Yurkovsky, NY, USA. New seminar with live patient cases and presentation of many updates and innovations. Pre-requisites: prior study of the Basic and Advanced Level Seminars with Dr Yurkovsky either in person and/or via DVD home study.

June 1-3 2007: FCT Basic Level Seminar took place with Dr Yurkovsky in London, England. This event may take place again on a periodic basis, every 2 years or so. If you have missed this event and would like to catch up, consider instead the DVD home study version of the same course (see above).

Tue 24 and Thu 26 April 2007: Introductory Evening Talks with Simon Rees and Bob Roberts took place at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London, England. These talks will be offered again in the future - if you are interested in hosting them in your area, please get in touch. We also prepared a Powerpoint version of this presentation which we may make available at this website in the future, to help raise awareness of heavy metal toxicity and related issues.

pre-2007: Many previous events took place, which were not recorded on this list, as this website was launched in 2007.


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