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Professional Program

Welcome to the Professional Program information page.

The Professional Program is a complete training programme aimed at students wishing to practise professionally as clinicians.

Under the name Graduate Program, Simon Rees ND and Kevin Eakins ND originally offered their hands-on training program in Europe in 2004-2006, then in 2008 in Europe and, also, in 2008 in North America for the first time.

The feedback and encouragement were so positive that Simon and Kevin decided to spend several years researching and developing their curriculum with a number of important changes. An improved and expanded new version of the training program under the Living Systems paradigm was developed then offered in both Europe and North America in 2012, then again in North America in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Simon and Kevin continue offering their new training program under the name Professional Program. Details and registration can be found at their website www.living-systems.org.




Out of Date Information from previous courses and programmes follows below - the text and links are retained below in case of curiosity, for those wishing to review older materials, as there may be a few points of interest. However, note that the following text and items all date from earlier events - for newer information, see above.


Information dating from the Graduate Programme in 2012:

Graduate Programme 2012-13 - Curriculum

Graduate Programme 2012-13 - Registration Form (Europe)

Graduate Programme 2012-13 - Registration Form (North America)

This programme was originally scheduled to begin during the course of 2010, but we decided to put it on temporary hold - in spite of an international group of students eagerly waiting - while undergoing a major online expansion and upgrade process, including the launch of the FCT-related Living Systems Revolution blog on a brand new website, as well as making a number of refinements to the Programme itself.

These refinements include, among others, the transformation of what was previously the opening part of the programme into what will next be:

The Foundation course -

A profound introduction to key aspects of health and disease, aimed at providing a core grounding both to seasoned practitioners working in any field of healthcare - as well as offering to the serious layperson a fascinating introduction to the subject of health and the medicine of the future, including a range of absolutely indispensable tools, information and skills. We are in the process of refining the curriculum of the Foundation Course, and we aim to pack into this single event an amazing package of learning that we feel confident represents the cutting edge in the field of health - so that anyone in the world can travel to attend this course and know that they are attending the most powerful and fundamental health course ever devised.

Following the Foundation course, serious students will then have the option of continuing their studies on the rest of the Graduate Programme, lasting over a period of two years of study.

If you have ever wanted to help people, and society in general, through learning to practise a more enlightened medical approach, the Graduate Programme has been created for this purpose.

The information below was posted in preparation for the Graduate Programme which took place in 2008 in Europe and the USA. It is left on this page at present - including course testimonials and other useful information - until the new information for the next Graduate Programme in 2012 is ready to post here.

If you have any questions, contact us here. At present we are re-structuring and expanding the course to make it even better as well as accessible to international students outside of Europe and North America, through the introduction of a broader range of home study materials as a part of the overall programme.

In the meantime, there is also a short explanation of our plans for this next programme here.

Information dating from the previous Graduate Programme, 2008:

1. If you would like to download the primary information package about the Graduate Programme in a single document, please choose from one of the following options:

Graduate Programme (Europe) - If you are in Europe, choose this version. The full announcement letter with syllabus, dates, fees, details and registration form can be viewed or downloaded for printing as a Word file here.

Graduate Programme (International) - If you are outside Europe, choose this version. The full announcement letter with syllabus, dates, fees, details and registration form can be viewed or downloaded for printing as a Word file here.

2. If you would like to read the same introductory information online, including further information which is not included in the above files, then please browse from the following links:

Read Comments from Students Who Have Already Completed the Graduate Programme

General Letter of Introduction for European Students, plus Q&As

General Letter of Introduction for International Students, plus Q&As

Schedule of Topics, Events and Dates for European Students

Schedule of Topics, Events and Dates for International Students

To register for the Graduate Programme please download the registration form for European students here, or for International students here.

3. If you have previously studied with Dr Yurkovsky, please read the letter from him below which he wrote to endorse and recommend the Graduate Programme to his students:

Read Dr Yurkovsky's letter to students regarding the Graduate Programme

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