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The Field Control Therapy® (FCT) Curriculum

Two Classes of Student


The Graduate Programme

Course Pre-Requisites

Seminars with Dr Yurkovsky

There are two classes of FCT student:

(a) Educational Experience: This is for those with an interest in fundamental health issues which affect us all, and in hearing the cutting-edge insights of one of the world's foremost pioneers of energy medicine, homeopathy, bio-resonance and healing.

For these students, every part of the FCT curriculum - from only 3 days up to a whole year - will be of equal relevance and interest. Many healthcare practitioners and healers attend introductory (and also advanced) FCT seminars for the immense general educational (and financial) benefit of learning all the ways in which medicine and society have gone wrong, and how to put it right.

(b) Professional Ambition: This is for those who would like to take it even further and learn to practise FCT. Whether or not you take it to this step, the FCT curriculum is of fundamental relevance and importance to us all. However, if you then take up a serious interest in practising FCT as well, then there is an extended programme to facilitate this.

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The FCT curriculum is organised by FCT World and consists of two inter-related parts:

(1) The Graduate Programme with a team of FCT tutors, culminating in full practical competence and examination.

(2) Seminars with Dr Yurkovsky

Altogether, this comprises part-time study of about eighteen months in length, including home study and practice.

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(1) The Graduate Programme

Alongside study with Dr Yurkovsky via his DVD seminars, the FCT Graduate Programme is available as a complete curriculum in FCT for those wishing to practise it clinically. More details of the curriculum, and registration, can be found on the training section of our product website Brave New Health.

This was offered for the first time in 2005-6 in Dublin, Ireland, by Simon Rees and Kevin Eakins, in response to popular demand, and in close co-ordination with Dr Yurkovsky's input and assistance. It evolved in order to provide a full course in how to put Dr Yurkovsky's FCT syllabus into practice effectively and safely.

The first programme was so well received that FCT World chose to offer it again on a periodic basis, for new generations of FCT students, internationally. Since then, we have been scheduling a new Graduate Programme regularly (approximately once every two years, on average), with the USA being our main base of operations at present.

The next scheduled programme is starting in the USA in Sep 2014. This is open to students internationally and includes a "distance track" component to help international students in locations outside of the USA, as we have videoed key events and are setting up a number of new home study tools and materials.

Details about the graduate programme are available here.

Anyone who wishes to practise FCT is highly recommended to undertake the FCT Graduate Programme, which was designed specifically for enabling this - taking each student, at whatever entrance level, all the way from the "ABCs" of FCT theory and clinical practice all the way up to mastery at a high level of skill, understanding and clinical acumen.

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Course Pre-Requisites

The FCT programme is a post-graduate course for people who already have a primary training in another healthcare discipline which includes anatomy and physiology to at least an industry-standard level, comparable to other serious complementary healthcare disciplines. The majority of students are healthcare professionals who come to FCT with a full training already in another form of healthcare, whether conventional or alternative. This has included doctors, dentists, nurses, homeopaths, kinesiologists, craniosacral therapists, naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, bio-resonance testers, acupuncturists, herbalists, nutritionists, psychotherapists and many other healthcare professionals.

If you do not have this background, but would still be interested in studying FCT, you can still do so, provided (a) you have a serious interest in the subject matter and, in the case that you would like to practise FCT, are willing to put plenty of study and practice in; & (b) you separately enlist, either prior or in parallel, in a basic medical training in anatomy and physiology. An example of a minimum acceptable level of study would be the ITEC certificate in anatomy and physiology, as this is a level of knowledge broadly respected in the complementary medicine field, and used in diploma courses in other comparable disciplines such as homeopathy, acupuncture or craniosacral therapy. We can help advise you to ensure you obtain the necessary medical training required.

In addition, if you have previously studied any form of homeopathy, applied kinesiology, naturopathy, energy medicine, toxicology, systems theory or quantum physics, then this will certainly help prepare you for your FCT studies. However, it is not necessary to have any prior training in any of these areas, and in fact in some cases it can be a hindrance, if the student already has fixed views which are not open to re-evaluation!

The most essential pre-requisite of all is therefore a desire to learn and an open-ness to considering new ideas.

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(2) Seminars with Dr Yurkovsky

All FCT students should study the FCT syllabus with Dr Yurkovsky via all of his DVD courses and webinars, which complement the FCT Graduate Programme hands-on training.

These excellent educational courses on video provide essential training in the foundation, science, theory and practice of the FCT system, alongside an abundance of live case demonstrations and advanced tips, directly from the creator of FCT, taught at seminars over the years.

More information can be read about these DVD Courses at our separate product website Brave New Health.

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