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If you are interested in finding your nearest FCT practitioner, email us with your location.

If you are an actual or prospective FCT practitioner or student:

(a) Use the column on the left to navigate your way through this network of online FCT resources in search of the information you desire.

(b) If following this you have any queries remaining, email us to discuss further.

(c) Queries or comments of general interest to others can also be posted at the FCT Support Forums.

If you would like to share feedback or contributions relating to this site, please email the website author Simon Rees ND - and be sure to add the word "FCT" somewhere in the subject box to ensure it gets through the spam filters, because we get a lot of spam! (Also: If you do not get a reply, do not hesitate to write again in case your email was accidentally filtered as spam and not read).

If you would like to register for upcoming courses or obtain bioresonance kits and other tools; DVD courses; books; articles; electrostress products including Memon and field strength meters, please see our separate course registration and product website at Brave New Health.

If you would like to subscribe to Dr Yurkovsky's monthly webinar for FCT students, please contact Dr Yurkovsky's office.


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